4 Berth-Hitop (Manual)

4 Berth-Hitop (Manual)

Adelaide (South Australia) to Sydney (New South Wales)

The HiTop campervan is a well equipped vehicle with everything you need for an economical family holiday. It seats 4 passengers with 2 forward facing (anchor point equipped) seats in the rear. The HiTop has a 50 litre water tank and 70 litre fuel tank. With a fuel consumption of 11L/100kms the HiTop makes for an economical Australian family holiday.

  • 2000 km (unlimited with purchase of extra days)
  • 4

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    All of the costs associated with your relocation.

    Relocation rate
    A$1.00 / day
    Extra day rate
    A$100.00 / day
    Booking fee
    Excess mileage
    A$0.35 / km

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