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What is a relocation

Save on your travel by relocating a vehicle with Imoova. For as little as $1/day, you can explore the open road and discover the world around you.

Relocation rentals, is a unique service in the vehicle rental industry that caters to the logistical needs of rental companies. Essentially, it involves people getting highly discounted or even free rentals in exchange for transporting vehicles from one location to another.

Rental companies need to move cars and campers between branches due to seasonal demand and customer drop-offs in different locations. Instead of hiring trucking or professional transport services, they often allow travelers to rent these vehicles either for free or at a heavily reduced cost. It's a win-win scenario - the rental companies save on relocation costs and individuals save on their travel expenses.

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We have been helping travelers save on their travel expenses since 2007. We have partnered with over 150 rental companies across the world to provide you with the best and cheapest deals.

What's the catch?

Why are these rentals so cheap?

Mystery vehicles

The rental companies will only know which vehicles needs to be relocated a few days in advance. This means that we cannot provide you exact details of the vehicle. We will provide you with the vehicle type, number of seats and beds, and transmission type. However, we cannot guarantee the make, model, year, or any other specific details of the vehicle.

Limited days

The rental companies need to move their vehicles within a certain time frame. This means that you will have a limited number of days to complete your relocation and can only travel between them. Typically we offer a few additional days at a discounted rate.

Last minute

Vehicle relocations are often only available last minute due to the dynamic nature of the rental car industry. Vehicle rental companies face the challenge of ensuring their fleet is spread evenly across various locations to meet customer demand. As a result, they sometimes encounter an excess or shortage of rental vehicles at specific branches. To rectify this imbalance, rental companies offer vehicle relocations as a cost-effective solution.

Strict Cancellation Policy

Unlike regular rentals, relocations have a strict no refund policy. This is because the rental companies need to move their vehicles within a very short time frame. If you cancel your booking, it is unlikely that the rental company will be able to find another driver to relocate the vehicle in time. If you think there is a chance you may need to cancel, do not book a relocation.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The rental companies may need to cancel your booking due to an unforeseen circumstance. This is rare but can happen. If this happens, we will do our best to find you an alternative vehicle or provide you with a full refund of the holding deposit, booking fee and deposit on extra days. Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover the cost of any out of pocket expenses in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

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