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Terms and Conditions

Imoova.com operates as a distinguished intermediary for automobile rental companies, offering a wide array of vehicles for hire, including cars, RVs, and campervans. Our services can be accessed through our domain www.imoova.com or our dedicated call centre. Our rental services, provided at a preferential rate, come with specific limitations and conditions. Upon finalizing a booking, you hereby acknowledge and accept the stipulated terms and conditions of both Imoova.com and the supplier. Comprehensive details of these terms will be included in your booking confirmation.


Transactions with Imoova.com are to be processed using Stripe. Please be informed that different rental organizations may offer various payment methods. It is a prerequisite for all rental companies that the cardholder is present during vehicle collection and in possession of an English language driver's license.

Holding deposit

To confirm your booking with Imoova.com, a holding deposit is mandatory. The rental company will refund this deposit upon collection/completion of the relocation. The supplier will issue a refund for this deposit. It must be noted that rental companies typically deduct expenses from the security deposit before refunding the remainder of the amount.

Modifications to Bookings

Should there be a need for alterations to your booking after submission, an administrative fee will be levied by Imoova.com. It is crucial to verify the accuracy of your chosen dates and to include any additional days sought during your primary booking request to circumvent amendment fees. Changes to dates or locations may result in divergent rates from the originally booked ones.

Termination of Bookings

In the event that you decide to terminate your booking post-confirmation, Imoova.com will retain all funds initially paid. This policy applies to the Security Deposit, Booking Fee, and any deposits made for Extra Days.

Supplier Cancellations

The rental company reserves discretionary rights to void a relocation booking if the initial need for the vehicle relocation is no longer valid. If the selected vehicle becomes unavailable, the rental company can substitute the vehicle without any prior notification. The rental company is responsible for notifying you of cancellations, but Imoova.com assures to endeavour all possibilities to secure an alternative booking. In cases where the vehicle becomes unavailable, liability is limited to the reimbursement of the booking fee and any deposit paid to Imoova.com. Imoova.com does not offer reimbursements for ancillary expenses such as accommodation charges, meals, or changes to the itinerary. We strongly recommend obtaining comprehensive travel insurance to cover any unexpected expenses.

Relocation specials

Any deals or discounts labelled as ‘Relocation Specials’ are non-refundable under any circumstances.

By finalizing your booking, you are confirming your consent and agreement to these terms and conditions. Imoova.com retains the right to alter these terms at any time without any prior notification. We recommend that you read and fully comprehend these terms to ensure a trouble-free booking experience.