5 Berth Motorhome (New)
Map of Elkhart to Seattle

5 Berth Motorhome (New)

Elkhart (Indiana) to Seattle (Washington)

Factory Vehicle - Run of Fleet

The factory pick-up is a unique opportunity to enjoy a very budget-friendly motorhome vacation. These are never driven vehicles which our own staff inspects thoroughly and prepares on site for your convenience and comfort. It is common for saw dust and screws to appear during the first long drive and for minor adjustments to be needed on route. All pertinent information on your motorhome will be provided onsite during the pick up process. Due to weather conditions and the infrastructure at the Factory we may not have washed the outside of the motorhome.

  • 2500 miles
  • 5

$55 convenience kit can be purchased at pick that includes all linen.

This relocation has been archived.



All of the costs associated with your relocation.
Relocation rate
$1.00 / day
Booking fee
Excess mileage
$0.45 / mi

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