4 Berth RV

4 Berth RV

Vancouver (British Columbia) to Toronto (Ontario)

The Run of Fleet category is perfect for the flexible traveler as it is made up of various brands and models between 24ft to 27ft. The Run of Fleet Class C motorhomes are comfortable for 2 adults and 2 children. All motorhomes of this category come equipped with a kitchen area, storage, dinette, and a bathroom with a separated shower even! It can sleep up to four people with the dinette bed and the over-cab bunk, plus rear bed.

When booking this category, no specific model can be guaranteed. Renters will not know until the day of departure which model within the ROF category they will receive.

  • Recommended for 2 adults and 2 children.
  • 5000 km + 150 km/extra night
  • 4

FREE Convenience Kit Included (bedding & Kitchen equipment)

N.B - All Charges paid to the supplier are subject to taxes

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All of the costs associated with your relocation.

Relocation rate
CA$25.00 / night
Extra day rate
CA$100.00 / night
Booking fee
Excess mileage
CA$0.42 / km

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