5 Berth 4WD

5 Berth 4WD

Brisbane to Darwin

The Outback 4WD will take you past the end of the sealed road and get you off the tourist track to find your own piece of paradise. Based on the Toyota Hilux with automatic transmission, it combines 4WD capability with a comfortable automatic driving experience, perfect for longer trips. Ideal for a family or group of up to five, you’ll be camping in our tough-as-nails, easy to set-up and 100% sealed Darche tents. With the free-standing tents you can leave the camp set up if you’re staying in one spot for a few days.

Single self-inflating Darche air mattresses and sleeping bags are provided to ensure a comfortable sleep. The Outback 4WD also comes with an Outback safety kit, awning, picnic table & chairs and kitchen equipment so you have everything you need for the ultimate 4WD experience.

For all the important information around Outback 4WD pickup locations, road restrictions and how to drive a 4WD click 2023 Model

Free standing 4 person tent (2 x tents provided for 5 people travelling)

  • 3,970 km + 250 km/extra day
  • 5

    Linen, cooking and living equipment included in rental price.

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