2 Person Campervan
Map of Las Vegas to Phoenix

2 Person Campervan

Las Vegas (Nevada) to Phoenix (Arizona)

The vehicle packs tons of functionality into a compact, easy to park, converted cargo van. It’s going to feel like driving a car or SUV, but when you open it up, BAM! Everything you need to cook, sleep, and kick back is right there in the innovative drawer system. Keep your gear organized and out of the way, and relax on the full size memory foam mattress.

  • 500 miles + 250 miles/extra day
  • 2

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    All of the costs associated with your relocation.
    Relocation rate
    $1.00 / day
    Extra day rate
    $125.00 / day
    Booking fee
    Excess mileage
    $0.35 / mi

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